Why Advertise with Us?

Website advertising is one of the best exposures for companies today! The cost is nominal, and the exposure is greater than in print ads. With website advertising, you get more direct exposure to your end-consumer as well as exposure to those that are “novices” to the market area. The ad is visible, you can offer links from your ad on a page and direct possible end-users to your page for a more direct experience, and you are visible to people “just looking”. The cost is considerably less than print-advertising, but the exposure is far greater and more direct.

With the Heart of Cheer, we are about the group in cheerleading that has the money and controls the purse strings – the parents. The athletes know what they want and are marketed to via their media sources, but the parents in the past relied on their athletes to tell them what they wanted. With advertising on our website, you will be in direct contact with those parents, exposing them to the reasons that your product/service is superior and worth their hard-earned dollars. You will be working with the parents to bring them and their athletes to you! What better way to get those dollars than by appealing directly to the source of the money? This is your chance! Advertising Dollars Hard At Work

Our website advertising is designed to maximize your exposure to the cheer parents that visit our site! Whether it be experienced or band new, cheer parents everywhere are looking for the one place to go and find out the answers to the questions they have! They want the answer to that one question: “How do I do it?” By placing your ad on our side-bar, you will offer cheer parents the opportunity to find out more about your company, product and/or service. They will become familiar with your name, and when their cheerleader asks for your product, they will be familiar with your brand.


125 x 125

Our “smaller” ad space on the site,

this sits right on the side bar of the page.

ONLY $15/month

250 x 250

This is our larger space

which is equivalent to 4 of our smaller ad spaces!

ONLY $20/month

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This runs across the front of our website.

ONLY $30/month

Submit your banner to leslie@heartofcheer.com