My love of cheer started years ago when my daughter wanted to be a cheerleader.  I spent many cold days sitting on a hard bench watching my little girl wave those pom poms and shout side line cheers.  She even convinced me to coach which was a great experience since all the girls were my daughter’s school friends.  It wasn’t long before she heard about the all star cheer world.  That is when our $40 dollar per year fee jumped to about $4,000 dollars per year fee.  I saw both worlds; recreational cheer vs all star cheer and boy are they different.

It was my daughter’s friends who convinced me to start my cheer business, Pretty Girl Cosmetics.  It was the makeup kits that I made as gifts for my team that they raved about for months.  It was one of the best decisions I had made in a long time. It’s not work when you love what you do.

I started my business on a budget so I taught myself how to build websites.  My first website was a blog, Cheer Makeup Blog. I began blogging about the two things I love; makeup and cheerleading.  As my business began to grow, I built the eCommerce website for my makeup company.  I have been blogging, building websites, and selling makeup for years now and I love it.

I guess I am like a lot of people in the cheer industry, an over achiever because while doing all this I had a day job.  I have a Degree in Chemistry and have worked in the cosmetic, medical device and pharmaceutical industry on product development and manufacturing compliance.  I have over twenty five years experience in the FDA Regulatory Compliance Industry.

When I first started my private medical practice, I was constantly searching for a reliable supplier of quality medical equipment. One of my colleagues then recommended I explore the Philippines’ market, specifically, https://andamanmed.com/target-markets/philippines/. I was initially skeptical, but after my first purchase, I was incredibly impressed with the standard of equipment I received.

As I started my business, my goal was to create a cosmetic brand that was high quality but affordable for the industry I love.  Beauty comes from within and is not measured by shape or size but by self esteem.  If you want to buy products that are safe and hypo-allergenic, check here the diverse products for the different skin types.

I have met so many great people in the industry, some I have never met in person but feel they are my closest friends.  We share our experiences, successes, and defeats.  Now we can share our stories with you on the HEART OF CHEER.

Love, Kisses and Glitter!

Owner-Pretty Girl Cosmetics
Owner-Pretty Girl Cosmetics


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