Co-Founder of Heart of Cheer


blogpam Hello!  My name is Pam and I have been blogging for a few years now.  I am a wife, mom, business owner as well as a coach for our gym’s special needs team.  I help out the gym as well by working as a business manager, but first and foremost I am a cheer mom and I love it!

       I have been a cheer mom for 6 years to my 10 year old daughter.  I have learned a ton about the sport and made many connections in the world of cheerleading.  Currently I hold the honor of being a part of the USASF-Special Needs Committee. I am also a former collegiate athlete in the sport of volleyball, which I feel has helped me understanding and communicating the dynamic of the athlete/coach relationship.

       Personally I own an adult day service for adults with developmental disabilities.  We assist them with being a part of their community by encouraging community integration and behavioral redirection.  This has been an asset for me working with the special needs cheer team and encouraging them to explore areas that most wouldn’t think could be done.

       Heart of Cheer became a brainstorm of my amazing friend Leslie Phillips and myself when we were trying to figure out how to show the positive side of cheer.  There seems to be so much attention on the negative and dramatic aspects of cheer; we wanted to show that there are many positive things happening in this amazing sport as well.  We hope you find this to be exactly that!! 

Co-founder Heart of Cheer

Co-founder Heart of Cheer