Claire Brundrett
Claire Brundrett is a mom of 3 athletes in various sports. A well-versed cheer mom of over 8 years, she has experienced moving to different states, changing from a big gym to a small gym, and supporting competition and performance teams, in both school and all-star cheer. Claire continues to stay in contact with former cheer moms over the years, as well as present cheer moms in her home gym and surrounding areas, to gain inspiration not only in the cheer world, but beyond.
Born and raised in New England, with a background as an all-star soccer player, she entered the cheer world with no knowledge of jumps, stunts, or tumble lingo. Once married with 2 children she moved to Ohio. While there, her daughter expressed an interest in both dance and cheer. Claire’s first experience with the sport of cheer did not go over well, and she questioned her child’s determination to continue. She switched gyms, and started experiencing the life of an all-star cheer mom in a small gym. When the family was relocated to North Carolina, Claire checked out several gyms and ultimately chose a large, competitive gym in Charlotte. After 4 years, her daughter decided to move back to a small gym, where she could pursue acrobatic dance instead of cheer. After a few months, the call of the cheer made her daughter come back to the blue mat.
Today Claire is both a cheer and dance mom, as well as a swim mom for her younger son. Claire uses all of these experiences to help her show all forms of cheer in a positive light, and the inspirational life lessons that can be learned in this prestigious sport.

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Tanyette Watson-Cantu
Tanyette Watson-Cantu has worked within the cheer industry for a little over a year. She brings forth a unique and innovative mixture of customer service, research, social media content management, writing, marketing and publishing. She has worked for the gamut of companies such as Franko Falcon Films LLC.,, Accurate Backgrounds and Workforce Logic in many creative and versatile positions. She is a wife and mother who previously cheered and danced throughout high school. Her knowledge and experience allows her to bring about a vast skill set that help her identify with athletes, clients, coaches and parents on a personal level to achieve the most successful outcome.

Brandon Caylor
Brandon states, “I am many things, a rainbow of surprises. I am a musician, a writer, an artist, an anti-bullying activist, a weirdo, and most importantly, a father of three. But not just any type of dad, I am a CHEER DAD!”
His daughter, Faith, is now 10 years old. She started cheer just before her 6th birthday, on a local rec team. A couple years ago, her team did not put together a comp team, so they looked for a local all-star mid season team. Needless to say, doing that changed everything.
They belong to a small gym, and she competes on multiple teams. Over the years, he has fallen head over heels in love with the sport. He has become quite the cheer geek. He adores every single athlete, and they amaze him with their talent on a daily basis.
Since cheer is his daughter’s life, it is also his life. He admires how dedicated she is, and how hard she works. A dedicated and proud cheer dad he says, “Yeah, I’m broke most of the time, but I couldn’t be happier.”

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Donna Cornette
Donna Cornette is the mom of 1 daughter who has been participating in cheerleading since age 7. Her first experience with cheerleading was through her local recreational football and cheerleading association. After one season with recreational sideline cheerleading, her daughter moved on to all star cheer and has been active in the sport since that time. Before becoming involved in cheerleading, her daughter also participated in dance, gymnastics, and soccer.
Donna currently serves at her program as a team mom and is a former member of the USASF Parent Action Committee. Throughout the years that her daughter has been participating in cheerleading, Donna has taken a particular interest in the inner workings and growth of the sport.
Donna is a native of North Carolina and has also lived in Ohio. She and her family settled in South Carolina approximately four years ago. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, and works currently as a Dental Hygienist.
Donna is very enthusiastic about cheerleading, and is excited to see what the future will bring for the sport.

Veronica Ouellette
Veronica Ouellette was most recently a second year assistant coach at Middleburg Athletic Association in Middleburg, FL. Previously she spent about 3 years competing in Pop Warner cheer for the Sakonnet Schooners in Tiverton, RI, and cheered at a non-competition level for middle and high school in Westport, MA. For her last two years of high school she was also the captain of her squad. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English: Writing, Communications, and Rhetoric and worked as an editorial assistant for a year for the Stamford Advocate in Stamford, CT. She has written many poems and short stories and has written for her own personal blog as well for many years.
Veronica shares, “To me, Heart of Cheer’s mission and vision is true to everything great about cheerleading. The inspiration a coach or older cheerleader has on a younger, inexperienced cheerleader, the encouragement of your teammates when you nail the stunt or jump or move that you’ve been working on, the kindness and support you feel from your teammates, coaches and parents at your gym and the spirit of the cheerleader, always smiling and cheering each other on.”

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Sharon Taylor
Bio coming soon…

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Sunni Wheeler
Sunni Wheeler is a cheer coach, cheer mom, and a former cheerleader. She started an All Star team at her local park district and they are in their fifth year. Her stepdaughter cheered with them for 4 years, and sadly she has decided to pursue other interests this year. She also coaches a competitive tumbling team. She has been coaching gymnastics and cheer for 25 years!
Years ago she wrote a column for Suite101 about cheerleading, and while they are no longer up on the website, you can still see them floating around the Internet under the name Sunni Schulz Pieschala. She has a background in advertising copywriting and journalism, and has retired from that after 10 years in the business so she could spend more time with her family.
She has a new baby daughter and is coaching less this year in order to be home with her. She really loves helping other cheerleaders and their families, so writing blogs is a good way to stay connected with the Cheer World while she stays home with her baby.

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