*UPDATE* A year ago my daughter suffered a traumatic back injury and was granted the opportunity to review a revolutionary product by Elite Sportz Band. I am happy to report that a year later Cheyenne is still actively using her Elite Sportz Band at every cheer and tumbling practice. It has held up through all of the hours of practicing and competitions and she has worked her way back up to where she left off and then some! The Elite Sportz Band gave her the confidence and support she needed to return to the sport she loves without the fear of reinjuring her back and the ability to go for her skills at 100%. Thank you Elite Sportz Band for giving Cheyenne this opportunity! Full product review is below.

Elite Sportz Band Product Review

My 10 year old daughter Cheyenne is an active 4th grader who loves to cheer and tumble on a Youth Level 2 all star cheer team and Special Needs cheer team. She also enjoys riding horses through an equestrian therapy program for a hip disorder and multiple neuro-cognitive medical conditions.


The first week of May, at my daughter’s first 2013-2014 season cheer practice, she had a freak accident doing a back walkover. She didn’t kick hard enough and her weight came down at a harsh angle, which caused her back to jackknife. Multiple sets of x-rays later, an MRI, and consult with a spine specialist, chiropractor, and physical therapist, and we learned she had severely sprained her back and tore some tendons that support either side of her spinal column. She had to take a few weeks off and then was allowed to return to cheer and equestrian with strict limitations; no tumbling, no arching of the back, and nothing that caused even a hint of pain. She was devastated.

She was prescribed a very intensive 9 week Physical Therapy program in order to rebuild her tendons and supporting muscles to be able to return to full activity. She worked hard in PT desperately wanting to get back to where she left off, and by the final week of therapy she was able to do a backbend again with little discomfort. She slowly returned to light reps of her tumbling skills, but the fear of re-injuring her back cast a dark cloud on her confidence. A month later, she still was lacking the mental ability to do walkovers again and the pain was creeping back despite her being overly cautious with her skills.

esbblog3smallEach practice I would pick her up and she would be very fatigued and movingly a little gingerly. I would ask her if her back hurt and she always said no- not wanting to complain, or even worse- she feared I would suggest she take more time off.  Her coaches and I both spoke with her and explained the importance of being honest and letting us know if she was experiencing any pain at any moment. Finally she admitted that she had been in pain, and as practices continued to build with intensity as competition season was rapidly approaching, the pain escalated as well.

One night after a tough practice with routine after routine full out (every cheerleader dreads those two words-full out), she said to me that her pain had consistently reached a 5 out of 10 and she was exhausted. As a mom I was really worried; this was a back injury, not just a sprained ankle after all. I knew she couldn’t continue like this, and I knew if I asked her to take time off she would be very upset. Instead, I sat down at the computer and researched every last option I could find for a back support, desperate to find something that would work for her confidence and her pain. She was medically cleared by her physicians and therapists to cheer, and was not doing any damage by cheering, so it was either deal with the pain, stop cheering, or find an alternative. Knowing how much cheer meant to her, I knew I had to find something.

In my search I stumbled upon Rita Wieber’s (mom of World Champion and Olympic gymnast Jordyn Wieber) blog article about the Elite Sportz Band. After thoroughly reading the article, all of the information on the website, and the reviews, I knew this was exactly what my daughter needed. I contacted the company immediately and within a few days the package arrived.

esbblog4smallI was very anxious to see how her first practice with the Elite Sportz Band would go. Just putting on the Band she felt instant warmth and relief and she couldn’t wait to cheer and tumble in it. When I picked her up from practice that night, my first question was “how was your pain tonight?” I held my breath waiting for an answer, mentally crossing all of my fingers and toes. She was all smiles, still full of energy despite cheering for 2 ½ hours, and she said her pain was 0. She couldn’t stop talking she was so excited. All the way up the stairs and down the hallway out of the building she rambled on and on about how her back didn’t hurt at all, it made her jumps higher and helped her keep her chest up, it made her use her tummy muscles (core) when she was supposed to, she was able to support her flyer better in stunts (she is a back spot), and she was so happy.

Now, a full month later, Cheyenne is finally back to doing all of her tumbling skills without fear of hurting her back. Her confidence and energy levels are through the roof and pain is no longer a thought in her mind. Her coach Ms Erica noticed the difference immediately and was impressed with the product. She said that Cheyenne was holding back from properly arching her back in skills and now she shows a full arch and proper form without reservation, and her confidence levels have improved tremendously.


In addition to cheerleading and tumbling, Cheyenne has also used her Elite Sportz Band at equestrian therapy. Cheyenne is a skilled rider and loves to trot and practice oxford show jumps with the horses. A very important aspect of riding at any level, especially this level, is posture and proper form of the rider. Because of Cheyenne’s hip disorder, she has weak core muscles and an awkward posture. It is difficult for her to sit up straight and hold proper form in the saddle. Since using the Band, Cheyenne has gained the control and feeling of the correct sitting position esbblog2smalland learned how to hold this position despite her hip disorder. At the fall ride-a-thon a couple weeks ago, some bystanders remarked at how that girl (pointing to Cheyenne) appeared to be a natural on the horse because of her proper form and how tall she sat. Her instructors are very happy with this improvement and it has made a monumental difference in her riding.

The following information is from the Elite Sportz Band website:

What is the Elite Sportz Band?
 Elite SportZ Band is an elastic compression band that fits around the lower torso. (FYI: the lower torso is the abdomen and lower back, also known as the "core muscles"). Elite SportZ Band could be called a "back band" or "abdomen band", related in a way to a "head band" or "wrist band." Elite Sportz Band is also similar to a "back warmer" worn by dancers, and also akin to a medical "lumbar support belt." While all those names might be used, we chose the name Elite SportZ Band because our band was painstakingly retooled for today's athlete. The overall design is a simple to wear, reversible band that slips on under or over clothing. Elite SportZ Band has no hooks, Velcro, or plastic inserts, to impair mobility in any way. The band is lightweight and composed of breathable natural fibers of cotton and wool. The unique Z-weave ensures the proper compression without the need for any special adjustments.

Why should I wear it, and what are the benefits of wearing the Elite Sportz Band?
 Elite SportZ Band uses state of the art design and Z-weaving technology to deliver enhanced training performance and endurance. Elite SportZ Band wearers report that the micro-massage effect leads to a reduced recovery time post workout with less soreness and stiffness. Elite SportZ Band delivers warm, soothing, uniform compression that improves activation of the core abdominal and back muscles. Scientific studies show that proper activation of the core abdominal and back muscles reduces the forces impacting on the lumbar spine. Wearing the Elite SportZ Band supports the entire lumbar spine, protecting the vertebrae and disks. Unlike other lumbar supports, the Elite SportZ Band has all these benefits while maintaining full flexibility.esbblog5small
One simple benefit is that wearing the Elite SportZ Band allows the core abdominal and back muscles to warm up faster than without a band. The Elite SportZ Band maintains the warming effect throughout the entire duration of a workout, even during rest periods between repetitions. Another reported benefit of compression garments is micro-massage of the muscles. The micro-massage effect leads to a reduced recovery time post workout with less soreness and stiffness. Studies also indicate that compression increases proprioception and muscle memory. Proprioception is sense body position in space and strength of effort being employed in movement. Many have focused on the athletic benefits of increased proprioception ability for the arms and legs, and have ignored the torso and core. Proprioception of the torso is obviously important for all athletes, and especially important for high mobility sports involving jumping and twisting of the body in space. It is important to note that enhanced proprioceptive sense is persistent after training with compression garments, allowing the athlete to benefit in competition without needing to wear the compression garment. The Elite SportZ Band is a pioneer in bringing compression technology to the key core abdominal and back muscles of the lower torso.

Where can I order the Elite Sportz Band?

For more information about this amazing product, endorsed by Dr. Larry Nassar (USA Gymnastics Team Doctor), please see the following links below.

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*UPDATE* A year ago my daughter suffered a traumatic back injury and was granted the opportunity to review a revolutionary product by Elite Sportz Band. I am happy to report that a year later Cheyenne is still actively using her Elite Sportz Band at every cheer and tumbling practice....