Tis the season to be giving to our communities, but this young lady gives all year round. Heart of Cheer was excited to have the opportunity to speak with a little cheerleader with a big heart who is creating quite a movement that has touched the lives of many.

Alexis Ananiadis is an inspiring young girl with a big heart from a small town in Wisconsin. Her promise is to work together with her community to create a world where no one goes hungry, cold, or without basic needs. Through her continued efforts of collecting adult and children’s clothing, baby items, toys, hygiene items, shoes, winter apparel, tents, blankets, and monetary donations towards Lexi’s Meals for Hope, she has served hundreds of families. Her mission is to heighten public understanding and awareness of those in need. She relies heavily on the generosity of volunteers, contributors, and donors. Her hard work benefits The Place of Peace, Smile for Christ Sake, Tiff’s Kid’s Closet, and Lexi’s Meals for Hope.Lexi’s Love Facebook Page

Interview with Lexi


Tell us a little about yourself and your ‘cheer’ background.

I am in 3rd grade and have been cheering at STORM Elite All Stars for 5 seasons. I have 2 brothers (one of them is my twin), an older sister, and my family has 2 dogs. I love doing beauty pageants and one of my favorite things to do is help people that are in need in my community, my Meals for Hope, and the newest thing I’ve been focusing on is Baskets of Love for kids with cancer and terminal illnesses.

Tell us about Lexi’s Love and Lexi’s Meals for Hope. How did it get started?

Lexi’s Love is where I collect clothing for The Place of Peace for the kids closet, and the Smile for Christ Sake for the homeless outreach, where I also collect/donate all necessities for the homeless. Lexi’s Love was started because I wanted to help people in my town.  My mom always donated our stuff and I wanted to do more, so I asked my mom and she helped me start Lexi’s Love.

Lexi’s Meals for Hope is where I collect money which is then turned into gift cards for Olympia Restaurant, and each card gives the person a full hot meal and a drink. Each person also gets to eat in a warm restaurant and receive great service. While at a cheer competition in Illinois, I saw a homeless person on the street that I wanted to feed, and my mom let me. When we got home and I learned we had a homeless population, I wanted to help. It was mentioned to us to start collecting money for coffee, but that was not enough. I wanted to do more. I decided I would raise money to supply an entire meal for each person, and that is how Lexi’s Meals for Hope came to be.



What has been your biggest accomplishment in your mission so far?

My biggest accomplishments so far are that I have raised over 200 meals for the homeless in less than one year, and I have helped to clothe lots of children in my community.  I also did my first Basket of Love and the boy that it was given to was happy, and that made my heart happy.

What do you hope to do in the next 5-10 years with Lexi’s Love and Lexi’s Meal for Hope? What are your goals and hopes for the future in giving back to the community?

My long-term goals are to help many more people. One day I would like to be able to help people in other states and counties.  Some of my goals are to double the amount of meals from 200 this year to 400 or more next year, to collect 10x more donations of clothes and necessities, and to deliver as many Baskets of Love as I can.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspirations are my mom, dad, and Tiffani Krueger (from Place of Peace).  My mom and dad have always taught me to be good to others and to do nice things for other people without expecting anything in return.  As my mom always says ‘Stay Humble and Kind’.  I look up to Tiffani because she always gets all the things I collect to the people that need them. She is an amazing person.

What advice would you give to another child who wants to help others and give back to their community?

I would tell other children to follow their heart, and always do good things for other people.  Some people just need a little help, and everything helps. It makes my heart happy, and it will make yours happy too.

How can people learn more about Lexi’s Love and Lexi’s Meal for Hope and help donate to the cause?

You can learn more about all the things we are up to by checking out our Facebook page

Lexi’s Love Facebook Page

Shopko Kick Off Kid 2016

For more information on how you can donate and/or help out Lexi’s Love, Lexi’s Meals for Hope, or Lexi’s Baskets of Love, please contact Brooke Ananiadis:  715-347-7696

For more information on donating to the Place of Peace, please contact Tiffani Krueger: 715-252-7860

If you are in the area, please feel free to stop by any of these local businesses to donate to Lexi’s Meals for Hope – Olympia Restaurant, Michele’s Restaurant, Park Ridge Cafe, and the Copy Center.

“Always be good to others, never give up, and set goals and beat them every time…,” Lexi Ananiadis

Co-founder Heart of Cheer

Co-founder Heart of Cheer

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Tis the season to be giving to our communities, but this young lady gives all year round. Heart of Cheer was excited to have the opportunity to speak with a little cheerleader with a big heart who is creating quite a movement that has touched the lives of many. Alexis...