We were very excited at Heart of Cheer to have the opportunity to review The Cheer Diet book. We put it to the test for the full 60 days and were very satisfied with the results. First, some information about the book and the author from the website

About the Book

Ever done a full out routine where your muscles feel like they’re on fire, your lungs basically refuse to keep up, and you have no idea how you’ll get through the last few sections of the routine?

Trust me, as a former world-level athlete and National Champ, I’ve been there! But you know what? There is a way you can take on the grueling number of full-outs your coaches expect from you, without having your body quit.

It all comes down to what and when you feed your body on training days.

This is why everything about The Cheer Diet has been designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s cheerleader. In it, you’ll learn:

• What to eat before practice to avoid energy crashes
• What you should be drinking during practices to keep you going for hours (Hint: it’s not Gatorade!)
• How to prime your body to burn fat as fuel instead of sacrificing your muscles as an energy source
• How to prepare simple, delicious and easy to cook meals that require almost no cooking skills
• Exactly what to eat after practice so that your body goes into repair mode almost immediately!
• And much, much more…

So while your competition is stuffing themselves with fast food and TV Dinners (which results in cramps, low energy and mental fatigue), you can get the edge by applying diet secrets which help reduce muscle soreness, increase concentration and give you endless energy to bring home the gold. All the while your body looks Instagram worthy from every angle!

About the Author

You probably know him as the founder of the ever-famous Facebook page called Addicted To Tumbling, or from his articles which have been so well received, cheer gyms across the country have made them a mandatory read for their athletes!

But what you don’t know, is that Coach Sahil has been involved in the field of performance and nutrition for well over a decade! He is the founder of Hardcore Training Solutions and consults some of the top athletes in Gymnastics, Powerlifting and Cheer. He also works with regular people that just want to get in the best shape of their life (cheer moms and dads included!)

To write the The Cheer Diet, Coach Sahil took his years’ worth of knowledge, expertise and techniques and created a plan that is specifically designed for the hard-working athletes of this growing sport, in order to give them the edge they deserve!

Our Review

There was a lot of thought put into this book. This is not your typical diet book. Being a 3 year student in the Health and Wellness program at a reputable university, I have read my fair share of diet books, and this book is by far the complete package superseding my expectations. It is a lifestyle change and commitment for those who truly want to be in their very best health, as both a competitive athlete and as an individual.

Without giving away too much, here is the breakdown of the book. The first section of the book covers common myths about nutrition and busts them with the facts. The facts are backed up by reputable sources and information. The second section teaches you how to listen to your body. As an athlete, it is critical to be in tune with your body and this part of the book definitely fulfills this aspect. The third section teaches you the actual fundamentals of nutrition, breaks them down and gives further explanation. The fourth section is the three phase plan. There are four additional sections which include helpful tips, training, recipes, frequently asked questions, other resources, and more. I was incredibly impressed with the educational value of the book and the language is very easy to understand, with some humor in all the right places. It makes it easy for anyone to read and stay engaged- child through adult. If you are worried about cooking, I will assure you the recipes at Spice Kitchen & Bar are very simple. There is some food prep involved of course, as there should be if you are serious about your health, but again it is very simple and can be done in advance. There is a student-friendly grocery list included and I felt this was a very valuable tool whether you are a student, someone always on the go, or on a tight budget.

My daughter (11 year old Level 2 cheerleader) and I both put the program to the test and we were very pleased with the results. The biggest change for us was we were used to grazing a lot throughout the day and eating several small healthy meals/snacks. We have actually found by following the plan and eating according to it, that eating so frequently before was unnecessary, and probably causing us more harm than good. We both lost a little bit of weight (not the purpose of course), but the best part was our energy levels have dramatically changed. My daughter use to barely make it through the end of practice. She would really be dragging toward the end of conditioning (her gym chooses to do this at the end of practice) and she would be extremely irritable afterward. Now she finishes her practices strong, and still has energy left after (in which she talks my ear off all the way home). Her cheerleading skills have also improved, especially her tumbling. Because she is fueling her body properly, she is also getting more out of her workouts, which in turn is building more muscle and strength, which translates to improvement in overall skill development.

Good nutrition is important for everyone, but athletes in particular feel firsthand how not eating properly can affect performance. It takes every component of the body working together for optimum performance. Healthy eating is not only doable, it is vital, and it should be a priority for every athlete. Numerous studies have also shown that weight loss supplements like Alpilean along with daily exercise can improve general health, vitality, and energy levels, Per Geeks Health.

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We were very excited at Heart of Cheer to have the opportunity to review The Cheer Diet book. We put it to the test for the full 60 days and were very satisfied with the results. First, some information about the book and the author from the website About...