There is a lot of talk in the cheer industry about sweat proof makeup.  But I have to ask the question, “Is makeup really sweat proof?”.  I think sweat proof really means waterproof, right?  Although personally I would rather go for a longer lasting beauty solution like botox, options are always good, so I decided to start my research to find out what this sweat proof claim really means since my customers continually ask for sweat proof makeup.

Performance cosmetics are highly pigmented and created to hold up under the stage lights but sweat proof they are not.  The perfect comparison would be comparing your makeup to a sunscreen.  Typically sunscreen manufacturers make label claims such as sweat proof and water proof.  But what do these claims really mean?

I found an article at “How Stuff Works”, The article reported what I have been thinking for awhile. These products are not truly sweat proof or water proof.  The label claims must be tested for safety and effectivenss says the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),  Sweat proof and water proof claims have been revised by the FDA in the spring of 2013. The terms “waterproof” and “sweat proof” must be replaced with “-resistant” along with a time duration of effectiveness.

The theme I have found in the makeup industry is that there are ways we can prolong the wear of our makeup in addition to choosing products that will give you a sweat proof look. During your cheerleading competition or dance recital you want to look your best for those 2 1/2 minutes on the mat. Choosing high quality, high pigmented, mineral cheer and dance performance makeup is important.

Choosing the right products will give you flawless looking skin. Even if you don’t have perfect skin, you can have a healthy natural glow if you choose the right products. The key to a sweat proof look is in the base products you use.  Perfecting your base foundation is not as hard as it seems. Choosing the right Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation and the right application is the trick. Follow these helpful hints to perfect your base.Cheer Makeup Application

First determine your Skin Type

Dry Skin – If you’re dry, choose a liquid, or moisturizing formula to use alone or as a base before applying a powder. If your dry skin is causing wrinkles and fine lines to become more visible, you may consider getting facial botox injections from a licensed botox clinic.

Combination Skin – If you have combination skin, choose a BB Cream and powder foundation which allows you to distribute more oil absorbing makeup exactly where you need it.

Oily Skin – If you have oily skin avoid all formulas which have oil or and use mineral powders or foundations which are great at absorbing moisture. BB Creams are light moistures and can be used sparingly on oily skin.

What Product Should I Choose

There are so many products available and choosing the right products can make all the difference in creating a flawless finish.

BB Cream (AKA Beauty Balm Cream) – BB Creams claim to be an all-in-one product and have become quite the rave. The truth of the matter is that BB Creams are perfect for a natural looking finish. If you have problem skin or are looking for full coverage, BB Creams may fall short when using this product alone without a mineral powder. BB Creams typically come in a small range of colors and are not as effective as a moisturizer. BB Creams are great but will not provide a full coverage finish if that is what you desire.

Mineral Powder – All natural Mineral Makeup Foundations are perfect for sensitive skin and typically do not contain harmful ingredients such as preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, dyes, or fragrances. Mineral Powders come in a wide range of colors, are applied using a fluffy brush and have great water absorbing properties and SPF protection. As with other products, Mineral Powders alone do not give a full coverage finish. Used alone, this product will give a natural glowing finish with moderate coverage.

Liquid Foundation – Liquid foundations come in a wide range of colors and formulas. The coverage for liquid foundation are typically Sheer (8-13% Pigment), Light (13-18% Pigment), Medium (18-23% Pigment) and Full (Up to 35% Pigment). Formulas can be water based or oil based, so be sure to choose the right product for your skin type. When choosing a product, choose a color, formula (water vs oil based) and then the coverage you desire.  Choose a foundation for the purpose and occasion. Choose a light weight foundation for a natural look and a full coverage foundation to cover any skin imperfections for your stage performance. Find a color which matches your skin. Test the color on your neck where your skin is more consistent.

How to Apply your Base

BB Cream – Apply only a dime size drop of cream to the following areas; on either side of your forward, on the tip of your nose, on either side of your nose and one on your chin. Use your finger to blend the liquid toward your hair line. Blend entire face and any harsh lines using your fingers. Use your Mineral Powder over your BB Cream for more coverage and a sweat proof finish.

Mineral Powder – To help set mineral powder, moisture your face with a product right for your skin type. Apply loose Mineral Powder with a fluffy face brush. Dip brush into powder and tap to remove excess. Apply powder in a circular motion until you achieve the desired coverage.

Liquid Foundation – Apply a quarter sized drop of foundation to the back of your hand. Using a flat top brush, dip into the foundation. Then, dot foundation onto your nose, cheeks, face and chin. Starting at your nose and working toward your hair line, blend the foundation into your skin using small circular motions. Complete this process in all areas you applied the foundation adding more foundation to your brush as necessary. Using a brush helps apply foundation into all the creases in your skin and helps with pore coverage. Let set for 3 minutes and then lightly pat skin with a Kleenex to absorb excess product. You can apply all your powders over your foundation after it has set.

For more info on performance cosmetics and application tips, email Colleen Dugan, Owner-Pretty Girl Cosmetics at

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There is a lot of talk in the cheer industry about sweat proof makeup.  But I have to ask the question, 'Is makeup really sweat proof?'.  I think sweat proof really means waterproof, right?  Although personally I would rather go for a longer lasting beauty solution like botox, options...